Probably not, by the time the next general election comes around I'll be over 70.  My stand in 2019 was to see if I could buck the system and get votes.  There are council elections of course but living in Elford I could not stand for a Tamworth ward.  Lichfield is therefore the only choice and although I live in a Lichfield authority my heart is not really there.  Tamworth would be the only choice.

Well, an interesting experience in the least.  I attracted 431 votes and came bottom of the leaderboard but the experience was amazing and unforgettable.  I had some fabulous support from constituents and friends.  I wish to thank everyone who voted for me, thank you.  Special thanks to my wife Ginny xx.

This was of course my first hustings and I thank Vic for making it possible, hope you find it interesting.  Thanks also to JSMedia.  I felt all of the candidates had good views, many of them similar but put across with their party emphasis.

I did not of course have a party manifesto so what you hear is what you get.

Although my first name is John I have always been addressed as Barry, my second name.  I live in Elford and I am married to Virginia - a local JP. 

Tamworth has been the centre of my life since my birth here in 1953. Raised in Amington, educated in local schools and colleges, and taken to degree level by that amazing institution the Open University. I currently serve as a Parish Councillor, am a governor at a local school. I have DJ'd in the town for around 50 years (Barry John) and can truly say Tamworth is in my blood.

 I am a really local person who remembers the 'Hilly Fields', the rubber dump, Gibbs & Cannings, Diamond Row, Sheepcote Lane when it was a lane and Bolehall and Amington Moors before they were destroyed. Both of my grandads worked down Alvecote (Aucut) and Amington Pits. My dad followed them down Amington, Kingsbury and Daw Mill pits too. My great uncle Lawrence built that amazing timber cottage near to my old school at Amington back in 1927 - still standing proud today.

In my youth I used to play on the Amington/Glascote Wesley Way estate when it was just fields. I was a regular at Amington and Glascote youth clubs. I was a local 'rocker/biker'.  I spent 3 years DJing in nightclubs before leaving to get a 'proper' job (as my dad would have said). I've been a fireman, HGV driver, and coach driver. I worked my way up from the shop floor into computer programming and taken roles as shop steward and works convenor along the way. So my experience stands me in good stead for understanding the many different problems people face. I'm just as much at home talking to company bosses as employees and constituents.

I am currently contracted as Transport Manage at Lessers Removals in Tamworth.  I still  DJ part-time, supply PAT services and webmastering.

This campaign is totally self-funded and managed by myself and my wife Virginia.

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